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With the situation at today’s local and international airports being so stressful, time consuming, and full of complications, Prestige & Luxury can provide you with the best possible alternative for both corporate and personal travel.

Here at Prestige & Luxury, with our committed attention to personalized service, we offer the best alternative to both commercial air travel and all the look-a-likes’ that proliferate the Charter Jet field.

Our standard of service and attention to every minute detail makes us stand out as the leaders in this unique marketplace. There is nobody in this industry who can compare in terms of distinctive individualized service and additional benefits that will make your trip a pleasant and relaxed experience, no matter where you may be headed.

Our Tailored Charter flight service gives our valued customers the opportunity to pick the exact time and origin of departure needed for complete flexibility in these times of constant change. Prestige & Luxury can arrange to fly you at your convenience out of any airport suitable to you to further save time and eliminate possible delays.

Whether your need runs from a small 4 – 6 passenger Light Jet all the way to a 12 – 16 passenger luxury carrier, Prestige & Luxury will provide you with the best possible fit to ensure your needs are met perfectly.

With Prestige & Luxury’s Private Jet Service, you and your clients have the entire aircraft to yourselves for complete privacy and optimum safety. With this in mind, clients will be able to enjoy personal privacy to either relax or discuss business matters, and avoid all delays and inconveniences associated with commercial air travel. Our experienced staff will provide you and your guests with the kind of personal attention you would naturally expect from a luxury concierge.

On board, you will be treated to our executive service throughout the flight. All liquors and wine will naturally be included and served by a professional and courteous hostess. Your privacy will always be respected throughout your entire journey.

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Additional services we provide;

- Extra amenities can include limousine pick up of you and your clients at your place of origin for delivery to the waiting charter jet.

- Your Pet Can Travel Along! One of our specialties is handling your complete pet travel needs. We know that our pets are an important part of our lives and having them along with us when we travel is a blessing. We verify that all necessary shots are current and that all paperwork is in place. Also, we will make sure all international requirements are met, including import permits.

- Cargo Shipment! From experience we know that sometimes the conventional cargo carriers are not as reliable as they claim and certainly do not give the attention and handling requirements necessary for your luxury possessions. This is why our Cargo Private Jet Service takes all of this into consideration and ensures your possessions not only arrive on time but all in one piece.

- Corporate Jet Sales! Prestige & Luxury’s experience and resources are available to provide you with the necessary information to make comprehensive evaluations and decisions if Corporate Jet ownership is in your immediate plans. From doing the initial search to locating just the right type of aircraft for your personal needs, to doing appraisals of these Jets, to procuring the best banking for either sales or lease, we will take care of all your needs. If you should need jet management of your aircraft, we will also provide this for you. This is a complete and personal service at your request.

Aircraft Pricing

Round-trip rates apply to flights that return passengers to your point of origin, and involve at least two hours of flight time for every day you are on your trip. One-Way rates apply to flights that either don’t return to your point of origin, or don’t involve at least two hours of flight time for every day of your trip.