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We provide optimum tailored solutions in the areas of safety and security services. Our team handle all matters seriously and professionally and we are expert in identifying, structuring and orchestrating tailored security services.

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Security Services We Offer

Property Protection
Firstly, we offer a service station.
The regular patrolling , shutter control and arming your objects , you effectively increase the security of your objects. For special alarms outside the control times , the objects are also checked for closure . In case of irregularities notified immediately to the police and a targeted lookup within the object to follow. It is important to know that all our employees have the state- recognition and thus also the power of provisional arrest pursuant to § 127 paragraph 1 of Code of Criminal Procedure . This means that our employees do not have to wait until the police arrive to convict an alleged offender .

Secondly, we offer you our day & night watch.
Our staff monitor ( can also arrange with service dog ) your property and the adjacent area in a given time permanent so that intrusion attempts or the spraying of graffiti vandalism can be immediately detected and prevented. Our security teams also secure the entrances to your site and thus ensure control of access authorization .

Which we offer you the opportunity to combine our offer together with companies from your environment so that multiple companies and grounds are monitored by our staff. The costs are kept low for all companies involved.

Retail Security
Department store detective

1 The creation of the security concept for guarding

2 The creation of the fire protection program and its implementation

3 Negotiating with the authorities and implement the relevant regulations , after consultation with your house

4 Training of security personnel

5 Development of improvement proposals for the settlement of daily operation in security and fire protection

6 Training of personnel in the self -help capacities in the field of house fire

7 Education and training of your security staff on high, qualitative standard

8 Have often surreptitiously out of convenience in everyday life behavior and their failure to properly train their personnel

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Detective Services
Observing means to determine and document covers .
This not only requires a lot of patience and a good sense , but also a good skill on the part of the investigators .

It uses a stakeout at all suspicious in private – as well as in operative areas.

We have the ability to infiltrate our employees in all areas in order to create clarity in your suspicions .

It that this undetected and everything is documented with film and / or photo material is an absolute prerequisite for a successful observation .

Security Dogs
The use of service dogs in the security service is very diverse eg

1 property protection

2 Sports and big events

3 Patrolling of parks / estates etc.

4 Beagles for fire and explosives , drugs or similar

5 Classic Schutzhund VPG after

A well trained dog is his leader always report a danger that , for him
or run out for the guarding of property .

Prerequisite – Training – Training

After VGB/C7 the dog must have passed an examination in order to be used must .

Of course, the handler should have passed an examination , for example, before the VBG testing HAS HAS I and II, which should be repeated at regular intervals.

We may be one of the few service dogs , including the dog handler and educate yourself and check out the Prestige .
So our dogs are always trained on the job and are also regular inspections and monitoring on the part of us as well as by the association ( Bundesverband guard and service dogs ( BVWD ) eV )

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Bodyguard Protection
Companion and personal protection / artist support

1 Personal protection measures to protect vulnerable people against attacks on life, limb and freedom

2 Covert , discreet personal protection and preventive measures

3 Hazard and safety analyzes

4 Creation of a protection concept

5 escort

6 event Security

Kids / Guards

1 We pick up their kids and bring you safely to school, after school , we take their children from school safely back to their home or a place of your . ( Grandma, Grandpa , etc. )

2 More often it happens that children harassed on the way to school or to sports clubs , harassed and even be Robbed . Extortion is not uncommon and is enforced more frequently under tremendous violence. This includes threats by knives , several guys / gals their children go here so strong that these Psychic under heavy load , the everyday pressure simply was no longer can keep . The fear and the charm is so great that you would prefer to say nothing . Often teachers are powerless to grasp here , or have even fear.

3 In such a fall, you turn confidently to us, even if they only have a suspicion that their child befalls any, is Reacts here gild the earlier right , the faster and better your child can be helped.

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Valuables Transportation
Many shops will keep your daily receipts still in the shops and so risking the loss of revenue due to breaches .
Even “normal” Safes rarely offer any real protection permanent .

It is in this area accesses our CIT program .

We bring the Tagesseinnahmen from the same evening , at a certain time you have and carry the cargo safely to its bank .

1 Our vehicles are partial stellited and can be tracked with GPS always in our headquarters .
2 Our vehicles are insured up to a value of € 10.000000,00 .
3 Our transport teams are specially trained and regularly attend safety training .
4 Our special program is very customer oriented and above all cost so that we can meet all requirements .
5 Of course we also work here exclusively with 100 % selected staff so that we can provide a guarantee for the safe transport and trustworthiness .


Event Security

1 Input controls / bouncer

2 Stage safety – Front days and Backstage

3 Space, facilities and / or tent supervision

4 Emergency exit occupation

5 Care of V.I.P. / Companion & personal protection weapon with and without

6 Patrols – and patrol services

7 Shuttle Service

8 Hedging through mobile alarm systems

9 Early planning and coordination of specific security tasks prevents or minimizes interference and damage extents .

Leaving nothing to chance , is the most important step in the direction of safety, especially for events. To ensure that your event can take place without interference , we provide a detailed security concept.

Home Sitting
Prestige Security takes care professional and caring for your home and property during your absence.

Burglars quickly see e.g. mailboxes on whether the owners are only to work out of the house or for a long time . Especially in crowded mailbox or shutters closed during the day.

The duties of each House Sitters is in an emergency , depending on the situation , the police, the fire brigade, the craftsman you trust the vet , other support staff and of course to inform YOU .

We also offer pet care !

Every order we tailor-made for you and your home .

For service program include :

1 1 – 2 out of the property on the day
2 Postal collection
3 Provide trash cans for emptying
4 Shutters open and close
5 Ventilation of living rooms
6 heating regulation
7 Supply your flowers in residential buildings
8 control gear
9 We also like to convey your messages on the AB or your post by email

For an extra charge :

Field ( snow sweeping in winter / autumn leaves sweep )
mowing the lawn
Cleaning work in the property
Reception of craftsmen and Ablesediensten

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24hr Security Centre
As part of the 24 – hour emergency call center , we offer the following services :

• Safety advice

• use alarm trips

• Alarm coordination

• outings take

• etc.

Security Consultation Services
In the context of security consulting, we offer the following services:

• Work safety • Fire protection • paramedics • Site Management , etc. • Theft & Burglary protection • dog handler / dog sassy • Emergency & Crisis Management • observations / detective work, etc. • personnel security measures • Access control

This is just a glimpse, if you have a need that is not listed here, contact us to see if we can help.

Security Training Courses

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