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Welcome to the beautiful and majestic world of Gemstones… Gemstone World (known in Germany as Edelstein Welt) provides over 200 different types of gemstones and minerals from all around the world in all shapes and sizes. Classical items we sell include Gemstone Jewelry, Decorative and Interior Design Gemstones, Wellness Gemstone Products, Gemstone Fountains, Gemstone Art, Individual Gemstone pieces, Gemstone Lamps, Gemstone Lucky Charms, Gemstones for dogs, Gemstone gifts and much more…

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Gemstone world is headquartered through its Shop and Gallery in the heart of Munich called Edelstein Welt (Fallmerayerstr. 16a, 80796, Munich – Tel. +49 (0)89 55054749). The aim of the Shop and Gallery is to show the many different ways in which gemstones can be used and appreciated in our daily lives; from decoration pieces for the home, or luminous stones for ambiance or even as an investment purchases.

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The global gemstone industry (also referred to by media as the coloured stones market) is valued at $10-billion to $12-billion a year and about 80% of these gemstones are produced by small-scale informal mining operations. The industry has great potential for expansion over the next decade as more formal practices come in to the mining sector. Gemstones are one of the most highly mined minerals, but coloured stones still lag in revenue compared to the $71 billion diamond market. We believe that by replicating the marketing campaigns of DeBeers (DeBeers is the company responsible for marketing diamonds for engagement and elevating its status and price), the gemstone market could exceed $20-30 billion in the next 10 years.

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Collecting and investing in gemstones can also be a good way to diversify investment funds by adding tangible assets to a portfolio.

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Despite their being nearly 200 types of different gemstones, the market is dominated by 50 or so gemstones, such as jade, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, which have entranced the world’s wealthy since the days of the Mughal dynasty and Catherine the Great. The best stones tend to come from countries like Madagascar, Tajikistan, Colombia, Myanmar and Brazil. Gemstone also have a mystical allure that even the king of jewelry (diamonds) can’t claim. Part of the romance is tied to the stones’ luminous beauty and scarcity. For many wealthy people, especially in Asia, there’s nothing quite like having a bag of shiny stones they can carry around or stash away—and sell—in case of emergency. That has become even truer since the global financial crisis, which left many affluent people hungry for alternative ways of storing wealth.

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