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Floating Homes by SQUISITO


Floating and Cruising Homes by SQUISITO is a special collaboration between Prestige & Luxury and Leen Vandaele who created this unique luxury house boat concept and is designed with a clear lifestyle in mind: that of beauty, relaxation and enjoyment. With this mind-set the client’s dream of a home on water is designed to take the advantages of a creek, river or lake views and the healthy intake of the fresh evening air from the roof deck.

Leen Vandaele is a prominent Belgian Interior Designer based in Dubai and the first boat she created of this kind is called ‘O’ de Squisito which was built as a live and work space to reflect her character. The house boat aimed to introduce architectural sensibilities into a nautical theme to create a sea-faring home.


‘O’ de Squisito is currently sailing in Dubai and we welcome you to visit us any time.

With its clean lines, this simple and streamlined double story structure of 20 x 6.7m includes an upper deck containing a concealed kitchen, living room and an entertainment room housing a grand piano and a big external outdoor wooden deck .The lower deck incorporates the bedrooms each with a connecting outside deck, 2 bathrooms, a spiral staircase and a steering console.

The fundamental structure of the floating home is created from two catamaran beams with stainless steel and glass as enclosures. Developing a minimalist design for a boat is a complex task involving clever detailing to accommodate the expansion and movement unique to marine vessels. Delivering such a difficult design involved close collaboration with the fabrication team and Nautical Engineers and a constant feedback to inform the design team about real time and technical constraints.


The interiors with large unobstructed windows offer a panoramic view of the exterior, and are minimally decorated to allow the clients own personalisation. The generously sized external decks on the house boat allows for the interior to flow out and vice versa. The two levels are connected through a spiral staircase outside, which becomes an iconic feature of the exterior.


Through our special partnership we bring this rare opportunity for you to have your own Luxury House Boat on the water. The design is not only for homes but we are also producing various concepts for our clients such as floating offices, hotel suites and retail shops. Just give us your requirements and we will work on all the designs, orchestrate the construction and deliver your dream boat at exceptional value. So please… contact us today to find out more.

For more information, please visit… http://www.prestigeluxury.eu/prestige-luxury-services/floating-homes-by-squisito/