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Aquatic Dreamworlds

Who doesn’t dream of swimming among dolphins and fish, of interacting with them, of diving into an underwater world and experiencing its endless depth and vastness? What seems miraculous in snorkelling paradises like Egypt, the Maldives or Thailand, is now possible in your very own swimming pool through the magic of Aquatic Dreamworlds.

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The Concept

The idea was born on a glass-bottom boat trip in Silver Springs, Florida. The inventor, Paul-Bertram Petereit, saw the amazing diversity of sea life, some 50 meters deep in crystal-clear water. From this he was inspired to recreate such a world in virtual form in a swimming pool, complete with sea creatures in motion in a realistic („trompe lòeil“) mural setting. The prototype you see in the pictures below was created together with international partners like Vario Pool Systems, Panasonic and Evonik, as well as with specialist camera-guided interactive films from Vertigo Systems.

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Unique Design & Adaptations

Whether its coral reef communities, shipwrecks, blue lagoons or dolphins and fish that react to swimmers and approach from afar – Aquatic Dreamworlds creates an illusion that is realistically depicted through an innovative combination of painted scenery and projections of interactive and vivid films, allowing you to experience the beauty of nature and underwater landscapes in your very own swimming pool.


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The creation and installation of such a unique concept is not easy and requires vast knowledge and experience of both pool designs & installation, technical adaptations and of course an artistic and imaginative flair. This is all culminated in one remarkable individual, Paul-Bertram Petereit.

As an interior designer and one of Europe`s leading trompe lòeil mural artists, Paul-Bertram Petereit has been successfully conceiving and realizing wellness and luxury ambience for over 20 years, leaving his artistic fingerprint in residences from well-known German stars, as well as in wellness areas on luxury cruise ships from the Cunard (“Queen Mary”) and Royal Caribbean lines. For some time now, Paul-Bertram Petereit has been working toward this realistic depiction of underwater landscapes and its integration into a room`s ambience and with the launch of Aquatic Dreamworlds by Prestige & Luxury, we are happy to say he has now successfully met the enormous challenge of combining high-quality art with modern day technology to create a revolutionary and unique swimming pool experience.

Technical Details

Aquatic Dreamworlds works by installing plexi-glass screens into the pool walls and floor, which can either be made of concrete or preferably a bio-design pool. The benefits of plexi screens is that they can be produced in one piece up to a size of 3×8 meters or alternatively with several small screens. The TV screens and support beamers are then concealed in rooms behind the walls of the pool, for which adequate projection space must be built. Hand-tailored films then depict the individual sea-life scenery desired by the client. The films show repeated sequences and may include an interaction program. The experience and visual animation is enhanced by painted scenery surrounding the pool surfaces and exterior area. The final pool design and aquatic dreamworld experience is all built according to the clients desires.


The below drawing depicts a beach scenery in the middle of the desert. If you look on the sketch behind the pool, that is a actually a painted wall which creates a half-circle form of the area providing the setting and privacy required in the desert. On taking a closer look, you can see the Aquatic Dreamworlds effect blending into the painted ocean. The same scenery is depicted on the bottom of the pool near the small bridge through interactive vivid films which create a realistic lagoon landscape including dolphins in all their playfulness. Seen at night with suitable illumination, it`s ‘show time!’

AD design 2.2


The price involved in such an undertaking depends on various factors such as the size of the pool, the desired scenery, as well as the corresponding technology involved.

In order to achieve the best results and to be more cost effective, Aquatic Dreamworlds should be incorporated into a swimming pool from the design stage, as applying these techniques and technology to existing swimming pools can be challenging and expensive.

In order to quote on such a project, we have a specialised team headed by Paul-Bertram Petereit, who are on-hand to discuss further details with you and will be happy to address your specific requirements, conduct designs tests and provide exact quotations.

Our Offer of Exclusivity

After the successful completion of the Aquatic Dreamworlds prototype and having received international applause with substantial media coverage, this concept is now ready to be executed on a residential or commercial project.

The client will not only physically benefit from this unique and revolutionary experience, but they will also be the first in the world to have it.

Worldwide Exposure

A benefit we provide upon becoming the first exclusive client of Aquatic Dreamworlds is a guaranteed exposure through television programmes and print/online media around the world, which will all be diligently managed by the Prestige & Luxury team.

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